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Important notes

  1. Regardless of which local carrier you use, the overseas SMS sending rate is flat. SMS can be sent up to 140 bytes (equivalent to 160 alphanumeric characters). Depending on your models, you may be able to enter/send more than 140 bytes.However, the message exceeding 140 bytes will be divided and sent separately in 140 bytes.
    You will be charged for each of these divided messages. Please note that these separate SMS cannot be sent by Sky Mail.
  2. The first row shows the minimum charge for the first 10 KB, and the second row shows additional communication charge for the portion exceeding 10 KB.
  3. Regardless of which local carrier you use, the overseas mobile data communication (packet communication) charge is flat.
  4. The examples of carriers that will be displayed on your mobile phone. They may be shown by other names.
  5. The local carrier codes that will be shown under "Region of Usage" of "Global Roaming Call Details".
  • Various flat-rate and discount services, and free communication allowance of your pack plan/packet communication (mail/web) plan do not apply to Global Roaming service.
  • Talk time, communication time/duration and data volume while using your mobile phone overseas will be measured by the local carrier.
  • You will be charged for every incoming call/mail while you are abroad.
  • When making collect calls, toll-free calls, credit calls and prepaid card calls while overseas, a call charge in the country you are in may be applied in addition to regular charges for the service used.
  • Depending on the local carrier, Voice Call/Video Call charges may result even if your call is not connected with the recipient's phone.
  • When making Voice Call/Video Call between SoftBank 3G users while overseas, the call/communication charge to Japan will be applied to a caller, and for a recipient, charge for incoming call to his/her visited country will be applied.
  • When making Voice Call/Video Call to contact an overseas SoftBank 3G from Japan, domestic call/communication charges will apply for the caller, and the receiving charges for the current location will apply for the receiver.
  • Overseas use of Video Call requires connection to a W-CDMA network. For V801SA, use of Video Call is in Japan only.
  • For SMS overseas, receiving charge and delivery confirmation notice are free.
  • While overseas, MMS reception notices (of up to 384 bytes/approx. 128 double-byte characters) are free. Reception notices include To and Subject fields, and some text.
  • However, the mail with files attached or with multiple destinations may be stored in the server mail box even if the message is within 128 double-byte characters. Set-up procedure (manual receiving set-up for MMS) is required to receive free MMS reception notice overseas.
  • For details, please see "Global Roaming Guide", "Overseas Operation Manual" and "Operation Manual" by models.
  • Unlike use in Japan, MMS communication charge will be charged for server mail operation (updating lists, deleting mail and others) overseas.
  • When using MMS/web/mobile data communication (packet communication) overseas, you may in some cases be charged even though your connection failed due to an error.
  • You may in some cases be charged even though your MMS has not been received by the destination (recipient).

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