Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate


You can use unlimited packet data even when overseas for a fixed daily charge of ¥0~1,980 !

Flat Rate Price

  • * Details such as when this will start to apply will be notified on this web page once decided.

Please note that all billing is calculated based on Japan time, not the time at your destination. (One day is defined as the time from 00:00:00 AM to 23:59:59 PM in Japan's time zone.)
Example: If use continues from ten in the morning (Japan time) until the next day, this will count as two days for billing purposes.

Services Available on Flat-rate Offer

[Communication charges not included in offer]

  • The following services are not covered by the flat rate offer: voice calls, video calls, SMS, use of functions on certain models (such as Email Client on the 705NK), communication via data card, and mobile data communications (Internet access) in which a PC or other device is connected to the mobile phone via a USB cable.

Conditions for Use

  1. Subscription to the Global Roaming Service
  2. Subscription to S! Basic Pack (¥315/month) and the Flat rate packet service in Japan
    (Until the date stated on our website, customers who are not subscribers to the Flat rate packet service in Japan will also be eligible for the Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate.)

Carriers that support the Global Roaming Paket Flat Rate service

To utilize the flat rate offer, you must connect to one of the carriers that support the service. Always specify the carrier manually. If you use the automatic setting, your phone may connect to a different carrier resulting in high charges

Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate FAQ

1. Does the service require a separate application/subscription?

A separate application/subscription is not needed however the required conditions must be met to use the service.

2. What is required to use the service?

Subscription to the Global Roaming Service and S! Basic Pack is required.

3. How do I know if I am subscribed to the Global Roaming Service.

Please check your MySoftBank page or contact SoftBank support at the following:

SoftBank Global Call Center
From host country: +81-3-5351-3491 (free of charge if calling from a SoftBank handset)
  • Please make sure to enter the correct number when dialing.
  • If calling from outside of Japan, enter the international access code before the country code (81).
  • PUK code support hours: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Japan Standard Time)

4. What does the "maximum charge of ¥1,980 a day" mean?

It applies to the maximum charge for a single day.
One day is defined as 00:00:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM in Japan's time zone.

5. Is the ¥1,980 fee charged immediately when connecting to one of the carriers that support the service?

No. The data fee is calculated by actual usage (at the rate of the original carrier) and ¥1,980 is the maximum charge for a single day.

6. I received a SMS that says "flat rate" or "non-flat rate". What does it mean?

An SMS is sent when you turn on your handset outside of Japan and set an overseas carrier. The SMS is sent free of charge and it informs you if the carrier applies to the flat rate service or a non-flat rate.

  • If you manually select a carrier, an SMS will not be sent.
  • Depending on service conditions, an SMS may not be sent.

7. How do I know which carrier I am connected to?

The carrier/operator name will appear in the standby screen of your handset.
For instructions on how to display the carrier/operator name, download the user guide of your handset from the Download User Guide page.

8. If I use the flat rate service in multiple countries during the same day, will it cost ¥1,980 for each country I use it in?

No, as long as it is within the same day (in JST), ¥1,980 is the maximum charge for a single day regardless if the service is used in different countries or with multiple carriers.

9. What happens if I change from a carrier that provides the flat service to one that does not provide the service?

The flat rate (¥1,980) will be charged along with costs incurred from data usage using the non-flat service carrier.

10. Are there any settings I should specify when returning to Japan?

Please specify the network/carrier setting of your handset to "Automatic".

Example Procedure for Selecting a Carrier


Example Procedure for Selecting a Carrier
Perform the following setup procedure at your destination.

Main menu → Settings → Network → Select Network → Manual
Select the carrier and then exit.

  • The setup procedure will differ between mobile phone models. Please download the user guide for your phone and refer to it for more details.
  • If you setup your phone to display the current network name, you can see which network you are connected to on the standby screen of your phone.


  • Customers who subscribe to the iPad Prepaid Plan and iPad Flat-rate Data Plan are eligible for this flat rate offer.
  • Please note that packet data not covered by the flat rate offer is subject to usage-based billing and may result in high charges. The actual charges for packet data communications vary depending on the model of phone you are using, the type of communications, and the overseas carriers.
  • Connecting to a carrier that is not a participant in the flat rate offer may result in high overseas packet data communication charges. If these exceed a value set by SoftBank, you will be notified of this by mail on the following day or later. (Excluding phones that cannot receive SMS.)
  • If you receive itemized call charges, the displayed information will indicate the charges prior to applying the Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate.

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