SoftBank International Messaging Service

[Send/receive e-mails to/from mobile phones outside Japan] International SMS - Many countries and regions of the world, including various carriers(Send/receive text mails to/from mobile phones outside Japan. | International S! Mail(MMS) - Many countries and regions of the world, including various carriers(Send/recieve text, photo and movie mails to/from mobile phones outside Japan.)

How to Use

Input email address and simply send it. Press[+] + Country Code + Telephone Number

  • Omit the initial "0" if the area code begins with "0".
  • The method of entering "+" varies depending on models.
    For more information, refer to User's Guide for your model.

Press[+]+Country Code+Recipient's telephone number

Communication Fees

  Compatible handset Capacity
International SMS SoftBank 3G Up to 140 bytes
¥100 / message
International S! Mail SoftBank 3G Up tp 300KB
Up to 1.5KB Up to 10KB Up to 30KB Up to 100KB Up to 300KB
¥103 ¥108 ¥135 ¥300 ¥400



  • Your current plan - free calls, flat rate fees (including flat rate services such as Unlimited Packet Discounts), discount service (excluding Monthly Discounts and Blue Plan Designated Number Discount) - is not applied to SoftBank International Call/Messaging services.
  • Subscription to S! Basic Pack (¥315/month) is required to use International S! Mail.
  • Mobile phones compatible with Prepaid services cannot be used to send Global e-mails.
  • When sending SMS messages exceeding limit triggers, message may be divided and received in multiple parts. Some handsets may be unable to receive or display SMS messages properly.
  • Japanese characters may not be correctly displayed and file attachment may not open properly, depending on receiving handset.
  • E-mail sending capacity depends on receiving carrier or handset. Fee may be generated even if International SMS or International S! mail is not received.
  • Some carriers may not confirm delivery.

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