On-board Ship Mobile Service

This service lets you use your mobile phone even at sea1 using the same Global Roaming Service2 you use on land. Now you can call your friends and family or send and receive SMSs from onboard a cruise liner.

  • 1 Please refer to the information below for details about which ships support the service and in which parts of the world.
  • 2 Excluding Global Roaming Service (3G) compatible handset.


1. Can I use this service on any ship?

No. Only of ships that offer the service. See here for details.

2. Can I use this service on Japanese ships?

The service is not currently available on Japanese flagged ships. It is only available of foreign flagged (mainly European) ships.

3. Do I need to apply to use the On-board Ship Mobile Service?

Customers who subscribe to the Global Roaming Service can use this service without taking any further action. There is no need to make a new application.

4. Are there any special charges?

No additional base fee, monthly fees, or other special charges apply. See here for details of calling and communication rates.

5. Can I use the service as soon as the ship leaves port?

While travelling from port to the edge of the country's territorial waters, your mobile phone will access services via that country's network.
The On-board Ship Mobile Service becomes available at the point where the ship moves from territorial to international waters.

Services and Rates

Carrier Carrier code Ships offering
Voice Call /min. SMS


Sending: ?650
Recieving: ¥890
Sending: ¥180
Recieving: Free
Seanet Maritime


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