• Waterproof Solar Handset Powered by Sunlight

  • ColorsNavy/earth green/white
  • SoftBank 936SH  Download User Guide
  • Software Update
  • Full Widescreen VGA 3.0 inch
  • Jpn/Eng
  • Global Roaming
  • 8.0M pixel
  • Digital TV
  • Bluetooth(R)
  • microSDHC(TM)
  • IrMC 1.1
  • 3G High Speed


Power up anytime with the Solar Charger

Simply face the Solar Charger toward the sun to recharge the battery. 10 minutes of solar charging gives you two hours of standby power or one minute of talking time*1. Don't worry about running out of battery power: just charge ecologically with the sun!

  • *1 Numerical values shown were provided by the maker during product development. Actual values may vary depending on sunlight strength, usage conditions (direction, angle, surrounding environment), signal conditions, location and temperature.
Power up anytime with the Solar Charger
Take-it-anywhere waterproof design and high-performance 8 megapixel CCD camera

Take-it-anywhere waterproof design and high-performance 8 megapixel CCD camera

IPX5-waterproof and IPX7-splashproof ratings let you enjoy Mail and Digital TV (One Seg)*1 outdoors and around water*2. Wherever you go, you can also take beautiful photos with the built-in high-performance 8 megapixel CCD camera with Automatic Scene Recognition and Chase Focus.

  • *1 No communication fees for watching Digital TV (One Seg) broadcasts. Communication charges are incurred for interactive services and Web surfing.
  • *2 Do not douse in soap, detergent, condiments, juice, sea water, hot water, cold water, or anything other than room-temperature tap water.

The solar charger lets you partially charge your handset battery via sunlight.

Even when away from home, you can charge your handset battery by placing the charger in sunlight.

To charge via solar power Place the solar panel directly in sunlight towards the sun on sunny days. Perpendicularity to sunlight improves charging efficiency. To fully charge the battery Use the optional SoftBank electric charger. Solar charging is supplemental.

Solar charging is not effective when:

  • Sunlight is not strong enough (such as outdoors on rainy or cloudy days) or indoor lighting is used.)
  • The handset temperature is too high or low.
  • The sunlight passes through glass (especially UV glass).
  • There are stickers, etc. on the solar panel.
  • There is dust or water on the solar panel.
  • The battery still has over 75% of power left.


Weight (approx.) [Tentative] 131 g
Dimensions (approx.) [Tentative] 50.0 (W) × 108.0 (H) × 17.1 (D) mm (closed, excluding protrusions)
Talk Time
(in normal reception conditions)
[Tentative] 230 minutes (3G); 220 minutes (GSM)
Standby Time
(when phone not in use)
[Tentative] 300 hours (3G); 270 hours (GSM)
Charging Time (approx.) [Tentative] 135 minutes

Average talk time and standby time shown above are estimated under stable reception conditions within Japan.


  • The battery may not charge properly when the sunlight is weak or the solar panel is not facing straight toward the sun. Artificial light cannot charge the battery. Never leave your handset in a closed vehicle in the sun since it may overheat, ignite, deform and be damaged.
  • microSDHC™ memory card optionally available.
  • Compatible with microSD™ Memory Card.
  • Call function disabled while shooting self-portrait, since handset is not equipped with sub camera.
  • Handset allows TV viewing when equipped with USIM card and contract is in force.
  • Battery charger (AC adaptor ZTDAA1) optionally available.

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