SoftBank 003Z

SoftBank 003Z

SoftBank 003Z

  • Support for 3 Languages
    Global Smartphone

  • ColorsTitanium black
  • SoftBank 003Z  Download User Guide
  • Software Update
  • Widescreen VGA 3.5 inch
  • Jpn/Eng/Chn
  • Global Roaming
  • 5.0M pixel
  • GPS
  • microSD
  • 3G High Speed


Advanced Functions to Connect with the World

Pre-installed with Android 2.2, Google services can be enjoyed smoothly and applications can be downloaded freely from the Google Play™. In addition, the display and input of the handset can be set from 3 languages, making global contents available.

Android 2.2

Android 2.2

Google services and applications can be used faster and smoother than ever.

Google services

Support for Google Maps™, Gmail and other Google services.

Google Play™

Select from among 100,000 apps.

Support for 3 languages

Set the display and input language of the UI, browser, and e-mails from 3 languages (Japanese, English and Chinese).

4.3 inch WVGA screen
HD Videos
8 Megapixel Camera


Platform Android™ 2.2
CPU Qualcomm® MSM7227-1(600MHz)
Memory ROM:150MB RAM:512MB
Weight1 120g1
Dimensions1 W56.5 H114.0 12.2 mm2
Talk Time (in normal reception conditions) Not yet fixed
Standby Time (when phone not in use) Not yet fixed
Charging Time1 220 minutes2

1 Approxmately
2 Tentative


  • 003Z is not compatible with Yahoo! Keitai..

For subscribers of flat rate packet services (for example, Unlimited Packet Discount), please be careful when using data not covered by the services such as global roaming.
The following data usages are not covered by fixed-rate services: Mobile data transfers using devices such as computers and PDAs (including internet access and tethering), SMS (including international SMS), and international S! Mail (MMS). S! Mail (MMS) and web usage when overseas is covered by the Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate service. The Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate service can only be used in certain countries and carriers. Please make sure that the carrier is set correctly to avoid any high charges.

003Z is not compatible with Yahoo! Keitai or other SoftBank services.

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