SoftBank 201F

SoftBank 201F

SoftBank 201F

  • 4G compatible
    Powerful waterproof smartphone with blazing-fast quad-core CPU + beautiful HD screen
  • ColorsOcean Blue/Sparkling Pink/Black/White
  • Full Widescreen HD 4.5 inch
  • Jpn/Eng
  • Global Roaming
  • 16.7M pixel
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth®
  • micro SDXC™
  • IrMC 1.1
  • SoftBank 4G
  • Android 4.0
  • Wi-Fi
  • Waterproof
  • Osaifu Keitai
  • Emergency Earthquake Alert


1.5GHz quad-core CPU

The 201F is powered by the highly responsive APQ8064 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, letting you enjoy all the best features of Android™ 4.1.

Smart fingerprint sensor that protects privacy

Enjoy beautiful picture quality on a large 4.7 inch screen thanks to the 201F's high performance video processing engine

The 201F features a vivid hi-res 4.7 inch LCD screen (1280x720) coupled with a high performance video processing engine that utilizes features such as noise reduction, contour correction and super-resolution to create truly beautiful images. The display takes advantage of Super Clear Panel technology and eliminates the layer of air within the panel itself, thereby cutting down on reflections and light scattering and providing up to 20% better brightness and contrast compared with other smartphones. The 201F also includes Dolby® Mobile, meaning this smartphone's lifelike audio quality is on par with its fantastic display capabilities.


Weight 1 Approximately 145g
Dimensions 1 Approximately W65 × H129 × D10.9mm
(excluding protruding areas)
Talk Time1
(in normal reception conditions)
Not yet fixed
Standby Time1
(when phone not in use)
Not yet fixed
Charging Time1
Not yet fixed
  • 1 Approxmately
  • 2 Tentative


  • A subscription to a Packet Flat Rate Full Plan is required to use a SoftBank SMARTPHONE.
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