Preparation for Roaming in Japan

Roaming service enables you to use your own mobile phone, with the same telephone number used at home, via SoftBank network. Be sure to confirm that your mobile would work in Japan before your departure.

Confirm Following Requirements

Step 1 Confirm Your Home Network Provider

Check if your network provider is listed in below, you are able to use roaming service in SoftBank.

Step 2 Confirm Handset Compatibility

Use W-CDMA (3G) 2100 Mhz network compatible handsets.

Step 3 Confirm Roaming Contract Requirements

You may need a prior enrollment with your own mobile network operator to roam in Japan. Check your subscription status and make the necessary arrangements.

Renting SoftBank Mobile Handsets in Japan

For those without a W-CDMA (3G) handset, SoftBank offers handset rentals. Make your rental reservation before your arriving in Japan.

SoftBank Global Rental

Remember to Pack Your Battery Charger*

  • * Your handset battery charger may require a voltage inverter or plug adapter for use in Japan.
  • Standard Electrical Power Voltage in Japan: AC100V
Standard Japanese Plug

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